Champ® F2MV Mini HID Floodlights

The Champ® F2MV Mini Floodlight is available for use with the following energy-saving mogul base HID lamp types and wattages:

  • High Pressure Sodium (HPS)—50, 70, 100, and 150W
  • Metal Halide (MH)—70, 100, and 175W

Available in a variety of voltage ratings, this compact floodlight is suitable for marine and wet locations.

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IF Number Description
IF 848 Revision 5
Connecting Multi-Volt (MT), Dual-Voltage (DT) and Tri-Voltage (TT) Fixture Leads to Field Wires
IF 1251 Revision 9
SFA6(SS) Slipfitter Adapter
IF 1391 Revision 8 Restricted Breathing (S826) Addendum Champ® Lighting Fixtures
IF 1401 Revision 2 SWB6 & SWB6 SS Wall Mount Bracket
IF 1412 Revision 1 F2MV Series Champ® H.I.D. Floodlight 70 - 150 Watts
IF 1468 Revision 2 Replacement Ballast Kit for 70-150W HPS and 70-100W MH Champ®, EVLP, EVM Hazard•Gard®, and FZD Series Luminaires
Catalog Number Description
F2MVMY070 Metal Halide; 70W
F2MVMY100 Metal Halide; 100W
F2MVMY175 Metal Halide; 175W
F2MVSY150 High Pressure Sodium; 150W