Commercial & Military Aviation Ground Power


Eaton's aviation solutions include Burton™ and Titan Ground Power™ plugs, cable assemblies and receptacles.  Innovations include glass-filled epoxy carriers and floating contacts (depicted to the left) that extend the service lives of GPU cables and aircraft receptacles by reducing the forces required for mating and demating.  Additional Titan Ground Power features include:

  • Adapter contacts were fully functional after applying 2500 pounds of force to the adapter body during reliability testing.
  • Field-replaceable adapters are less than 50% of the cost of aircraft power cable refurbishments.
  • Configuration options include AS7974 qualified cable assemblies.

Over 800 Aviation Ground Power Cables and Receptacles

  • Commercial and military 400Hz, 28VDC, and 270VDC aircraft power cable and receptacle compliances include: AN2551, AN2552, AN3114, AN3430, AS7974, MS3506, MS21379, MS25018, MS25019, MS90328, MS90347, MS90362, MIL-C-81790, and MIL-STD-810F.
  • Aircraft power receptacle configurations include: replaceable pin, airframe mounted, and GPU cart mounted.
  • Aviation ground power cable configurations include: banded, single jacketed, Command Plus, six around one, single point refueling, extension, Y-adapter, jet starting, and single point refueling.
  • Ground power plug and adapter configuraions include: molded, field replaceable, cable saver, plugs with integral switches and indicators, circular, and B1B cable assemblies.