RE and REC Series Explosionproof Reducers

  • RE and REC Explosionproof Reducers are used in threaded heavy wall conduit systems
  • RE reduces conduit hubs to a smaller size
  • REC connects two different sizes of conduit together or is used to replace a coupling and reducer in an installation
RE Sizes 1/2" - 1/8" to 6" - 5"
REC Sizes 3/4" - 1/2" to 5" - 4"
Materials Steel or Feraloy® iron alloy


RE reducers have:

  • Integral bushing which prevents damage to wires
  • Full, clean cut tapered threads


REC reducers have:

  • Integral bushings in both ends which prevents damage to wires
  • Funnel shaped interior to guide the wires from large to small conduit, making it easy to pull wire