EDSCM Series Explosionproof, Modular Multi-Gang Device Bodies


EDSCM Modular Multi-Gang Device Bodies are for surface mounting combinations of control device equipment for use in:

  • Conjunction with magnetic starters or contactors for remote control and monitoring motors
  • Manual starting and stopping of small AC/DC motors
  • Controlling and supplying energy to portable electrical devices such as motor generator sets, compressors, conveyors, portable tools, etc.
Types Single-gang; tandem two-gang; tandem three-gang
Through Feed Hub Sizes 3/4"; 1"; 2"
Standard Material Copper-free aluminum
Standard Finish Natural


  • Reduce installation costs; a multi-gang device assembly can be installed in less time than several single-gang units
  • Seals not required between gangs
  • Improved appearance; no exposed conduit runs between devices
  • Lightweight; fifteen-gang aluminum device body can be installed by one person
  • Mounting feet are provided on the top and bottom of every gang to facilitate installation
  • Two- and three-gang tandem bodies have 1 1/4" through feed inward horizontal hubs and 1" or 2" vertical through feed hubs; pipe plugs are installed in one horizontal hub and both vertical hubs
  • Single-gang device bodies have 1" through feed inward horizontal hubs and 3/4" through feed vertical hubs; pipe plugs are installed in one horizontal hub and both vertical hubs
  • All hubs are taper tapped and have integral bushings
  • Close nipples, which are used to join two or more device bodies together, are furnished with EDSCM 21, 32, 33, 62 and 63 units
  • Any combination of bodies can be joined together horizontally