EDS and EFS Series Explosionproof Selector Switch Control Stations

Factory sealed enclosures are used:

  • To prevent arcing of enclosed device from causing ignition of a hazardous atmosphere external to the enclosure
  • In conjunction with magnetic starters or contactors for remote control of motors

Manual motor starters are used:

  • For manual starting of small AC/DC motors
  • To provide manual starting and stopping and motor running protection (with heater)
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IF Number Description
IF 242 Revision 1 Condulet® Control Station Type EDS & EDSC Factory Sealed
IF 328 Revision 5
EDS, EFS, EDSC and EFSC Single- and Two-gang Device Bodies
IF 372 Revision 3 Important Notice for EDS, EDSC, EDSCM, EFS, or EFSC Enclosures
IF 899 Revision 5
EFS, EFD and EDS Series Control Devices
IF 1125 Revision 1 DSP Series Control Station Covers
IF 1860 Revision 1 ESWP126 Contact Blocks