EDS and EFS Series Explosionproof Pushbutton Control Stations

Factory sealed enclosures are used:

  • To prevent arcing of enclosed device from causing ignition of a hazardous atmosphere external to the enclosure
  • In conjunction with magnetic starters or contactors for remote control of motors

Manual motor starters are used:

  • For manual starting of small AC/DC motors
  • To provide manual starting and stopping and motor running protection (with heaters)
Normal Position 1 circuit universal; 2 circuits universal; 2 circuits
Enclosure Hub Sizes 1/2"; 3/4"; 1"
Types Dead end or through feed
Voltage 600 VAC heavy duty


  • Reduce installation problems
  • Eliminate external seals
  • Lower installation costs
  • Improve safety
  • Are used with general purpose snap and pushbutton type switches
  • Standard neoprene covers for front operated pushbuttons; prevents accumulation of dirt and entrance of water around operating shafts
  • Mounting lugs and taper tapped hubs with integral bushings
  • Large machine screws for fastening covers to bodies
  • Lockout provisions on front operated pushbutton (marked "STOP" and "OFF") and selector switch covers
  • Lockout hole for padlock having 1/4" hasp is provided when used with covers for front lever and side rocker type operation
  • Close tolerances in machining of wide, mating flanges and journalled shafts and bearings for front button operation, produces flametightness of enclosure joints
  • On enclosures with front lever and side rocker type operating handles, threaded type shafts and bushings are used to ensure flametightness
  • Dead end (EFS or EDS) or through feed (EFSC or EDSC) hubs – 1/2" to 1" sizes
  • When STOP is indicated, button is automatically red. When START is indicated, button is automatically green. Otherwise, black buttons are standard.