XLC Explosionproof Lighting Contactors

Explosionproof lighting contactors provide efficient use of power, greater utilization of daylight and automated control in the most extreme harsh and hazardous locations while extending lighting lifetime.  Applications include:

  • Areas requiring safe and efficient variable lighting control
  • Areas with hazardous gas, vapors and dust
  • Indoor or outdoor locations in damp, wet, dusty or corrosive environments
Voltage 600V
Coil Voltage 120V
Amperage 30A
Number of Poles 1-12 standard
Body and Cover Material Copper-free aluminum
Gasket Material Neoprene
Cover Bolts Material Stainless steel
Hinge Material Stainless steel


  • Variable lighting control utilizing manual on/off or automatic settings
  • Photocell option provides maximum utilization of sunlight for energy conservation
  • Modular lighting contactor design provides flexibility to add future power poles
  • Lighting contacts are electrically held for superior performance
  • Power poles convert from NO to NC with a simple 180° turn

Standard configuration includes:

  • EJB121208 enclosure with mounting plate, hinges and breather/drain
  • Captive, triple lead, quick release, hex head stainless steel bolts with spring-loaded action
  • Tap-in mounting feet offer simple and secure installation and are easily replaceable
  • Special neoprene cover gasket provides a watertight seal to meet NEMA requirements
  • Internal neutral and ground bar
  • Electrically held modular lighting contactor
  • Two 3/4" NPT control conduit entries - one on top and one on bottom
  • Twelve 1" NPT power conduit entries - six on top and six on bottom
  • DSL nameplates are standard for all operator positions and Lamacoid nameplates are available upon request

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