X Series Attachable Pendant Pushbutton Stations

X Series Attachable Pendant Pushbutton Stations are used:

  • For safe, multi-function motor circuit control of: hoists, cranes, machine tools, electromagnets
  • Non-hazardous control environments requiring from 2 to 8 functions
Styles 2-button; 4-button; 6-button; 8-button
Cable Diameters 0.555-0.665; 0.505-0.730; 0.590-0.840; 0.698-0.968
Body and Cover Material Steel reinforced neoprene
Strain Relief and Reinforcement Plate Material Stainless steel
Exterior Hardware Material Stainless steel


  • Safety insulated to meet OSHA requirements for enclosing live parts; the entire unit except the strain relief is insulated with neoprene
  • Safety cushioned – neoprene encapsulation protects internal switches and connectors from impact damage and provides extra protection for personnel
  • Stress relief for your cable is built-in; a separate cable grip is not needed unless the optional pilot light kit is used
  • Positive action long life momentary contact switches
  • Maintained Off-On toggle switch is optionally available on 4, 6 and 8 button units
  • Jam-resistant operator buttons are raised flexible diaphragms – an integral part of the molded one-piece cover
  • Compact – 3" x 3" enclosure easily fits your hand
  • Indicator plates meet OSHA requirements for clear identification of functions; a full set of plates is provided with each station

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