IEC AFU Conveyor Belt Trip Switches

IEC AFU Conveyor Belt Trip Switches are used:

  • As emergency or normal STOP switch for conveyor lines, cranes, unloaders and bulk handling systems
  • In steel mills, mining, ore and coal handling operations, automotive and assembly lines, warehouses and loading docks
  • In the control circuit of magnetic motor starters to shut down motor-driven conveyors or other machinery when switch is actuated
Description Single end; double end; optional slack condition
Electrical Ratings 10A at 600 VAC; 5A at 250 VDC
Material Copper-free aluminum
Mounting 2 x M10 bolts
Cable Entry 3 x M20
Ambient Temperature -20°C to 70°C


  • Single and double ended units for emergency shutdown of conveyor systems
  • Pulling the cable activates the switch and rotates the yellow flag, providing visual indication of shutdown location
  • Maintained action utilizes normally open and normally closed contacts to shut down conveyor belt and signal alarm
  • Slack condition available to ensure cable is under tension and not damaged/cut
  • Heavy duty cast enclosure provides protection in harsh and rugged environments