IEC AFA Conveyor Belt Alignment Switches

IEC AFA Conveyor Belt Alignment Switches are used:

  • As emergency or normal STOP switch for conveyor belts whenever they become misaligned or run off their tracks due to excessive speed, uneven load, leveling, breakage and/or other problems
  • In steel mills, mining, ore and coal handling operations, automotive and assembly lines, warehouses, loading docks and grain loading and handling
Contact Arrangement Single pole or double pole
Electrical Ratings 15A make / 1.2A break at 550 VAC; 0.4A break at 600 VDC
Material Copper-free aluminum
Mounting 4 x M6 bolts
Cable Entry 1 x M20
Ambient Temperature -15°C to 80°C


  • Switches are positioned on both sides of the conveyor to provide protection for misaligned belts
  • Installed near high risk locations every 300 meters
  • Maintained action utilizes normally open and normally closed contacts to shut down conveyor belt and signal alarm
  • Heavy duty enclosure provides protection in harsh and rugged environments