EGL Series Explosionproof Static Grounding Indicators

Ensuring safe product transfer with automated pump control and static ground verification system.

Provides producers, handlers and manufacturers of combustible materials a safe product transfer solution with low maintenance, simple installation and reliable operational benefits at a competitive price.

Power Consumption 9.8 VA
Voltage 120 VAC supply
Control Relay Interlocking Contact 15A at 277 VAC; 10A at 600 VAC
Switching Impedance Provides 2k ohms or less
Enclosure Material Copper-free aluminum with interior and exterior epoxy powder coat
Clamp Material Stainless steel
Clamp Grip Material Polyvinylchloride dipped
Gasket Material Neoprene


  • Static ground verification system provides ground path for static build-up to ensure safe product transfer
  • Integrated control relay allows for safe control of electrically operated pumps or valves, and for energizing remote indicators
  • Stainless steel clamp for grounding connection provides industrial durability, corrosion resistance and increased product lifetime
  • Interior and exterior epoxy powdered paint finish provides superior corrosion resistance inside and out
  • LED pilot lights provide long-lasting visual identification of status of ground connection
  • ECD Type 4X drain protects interior equipment from environmental moisture and condensation, rain water and hose down applications
  • NEMA 4X compact, hose-tight and corrosion-resistant enclosure offers years of service in harsh industrial environments
  • 25 ft. safety fluorescent yellow cord is easily identifiable to ensure safety and reduce tripping hazard
  • Neoprene cover gasket provides a watertight seal to meet UL Type 4 (NEMA 4) requirements
  • Stainless steel hinges are corrosion-resistant while providing safe and easy access to interior of enclosure
  • Waterguard™ desiccant packet absorbs and removes water/moisture and protects the enclosed equipment when not energized
  • Adjustable mounting feet provide ease of mounting during installation