EGF Series Explosionproof Ground Fault Control Stations

EGF Explosionproof Ground Fault Control Stations are used:

  • For the additional safety of personnel, and for equipment protection in remote areas
Number of Breakers 1 or 2
Number of Poles 1 or 2
Milliamp Trip 5 or 30
Electrical Ratings GFI, EPD Breakers - 120VAC (single pole); 120/240VAC (two pole) (10,000 AIC)
Body and Cover Material Copper-free aluminum
Threaded Barrel, Guard, Collar, and Toggle Operator Material Copper-free aluminum
Pushbutton Material Type 6/6 nylon
Operating Shaft Material Stainless steel


  • Copper-free aluminum construction offers lightweight, corrosion resistance and a long, maintenance-free service life
  • 1 1/4" through feed conduit hubs with 1 1/4"–1" reducers for ease of installation
  • Compact, internally flanged enclosure requires minimum installation area
  • Steel mounting feet with electroplate finish for fast, secure, and corrosion-resistant mounting
  • Accepts #14–#10 copper wire sizes for application flexibility
  • Push-to-test button and pilot light (with 10,000 hour incandescent lamp) for easy and constant operational monitoring of unit
  • Cast aluminum circuit breaker operating handle for durability during use
  • EPD breakers for protection of heat tracing circuits