AFU Mine Signal Switches


AFU Explosionproof Mine Signal Switches are used:

  • For signaling circuits or remote control of magnetic motor starters
  • In non-hazardous areas of mines or process industry facilities where a rugged enclosure is needed for protection from falling ore and other material or dripping water
  • Mounted on walls or in shaft ways and actuated by pulling line or cable attached to the loop at the bottom
Maximum Weight of Line or Cable without Actuating Switch 15 or 25 lbs.
Total Operating Force Required 25 or 50 lbs.
Enclosure Material Feraloy® iron alloy
Plunger Material Steel
Loop Material Bronze


  • Sturdy raintight enclosure with heavy mounting lugs
  • Wires enter enclosure through clearance holes in the underside
  • Switches are actuated by a spring-loaded plunger which returns to the normal position when the operating force is removed
  • Units are furnished with heavy duty motor control pushbuttons; several of these may be interconnected electrically for remote control of a magnetic motor starter from more than one location