AFU and AFUX Series Explosionproof Conveyor Belt Control Switches

AFU/AFUX Conveyor Belt Switches are used:

  • As emergency or normal "STOP" switch for conveyor lines, cranes, unloaders, and bulk handling systems
  • In steel mills, mining, ore and coal handling operations, automotive and assembly lines, warehouses and loading docks
  • In the control circuit of magnetic motor starters to shut down motor-driven conveyors or other machinery when switch is actuated
Description Single end left; single end right; double end
Maximum Weight of Unsupported Line or Cable without Actuating Switch 15 or 25 lbs.
Total Operating Force Required 25 or 50 lbs.
Electrical Ratings 15A, 600 VAC max.
Enclosure Material Feraloy® iron alloy or copper-free aluminum
Plunger Material Stainless steel
Loop Material Bronze or copper-free aluminum
Indicating Arm Material Steel


  • Furnished with one or two end units, each containing 2-NO and 2-NC contact arrangements
  • Precision switches provide maintained contact (switches have a snap action mechanism)
  • Multiple conduit hubs (AFU: two 1"; AFUX: three 1"); cast mounting lugs on 1-1/2" centers permit attachment to the web of a standard 3" angle iron
  • In installation, the actuating line or cable is connected from a fixed point to the loop on the end unit; a pull on the line of the required operating force and with a total movement of 1/2" actuates the plunger, opens the switch and trips the red painted indicating arm forward, which locks the plunger in the actuated (switch open) position; returning the indicating arm to its normal position resets the mechanism; a typical installation would include single end switch units at each end of the conveyor with double end switch units between
  • Depending on the size and length of line, supports at properly spaced intervals may be necessary to ensure that the line or cable weight alone will not actuate switch