AFA and AFAX Series Explosionproof Conveyor Belt Alignment Switches


AFA/AFAX Conveyor Belt Alignment Switches are used:

  • As emergency or normal "STOP" switch for conveyor belts whenever they become misaligned or run off their tracks due to excessive speed, uneven load, leveling, breakage and/or other problems
  • In steel mills, mining, ore, and coal handling operations, automotive and assembly lines, warehouses, loading docks, and grain loading and handling
Contact Arrangement 2 normally open or 2 normally closed
Electrical Ratings 15A, 600VAC max.
Enclosure Material Feraloy® iron alloy
Bearing and Operating Arm Material Stainless steel with plastic end caps
External Corro-free™ Epoxy Powder Coat Optional


  • Furnished with precision switches that provide normally open and normally closed contacts (switches have a snap action mechanism)
  • Housing consists of a center section which can be mounted either vertically or horizontally, and a switch housing with an attached switch operating arm
  • Enclosure has three 1" conduit hubs; cast mounting lugs on 1 1/2" center permit attachment to the web of a standard 3" angle iron
  • Operating arm has 3 1/2" long stainless steel protective roller; approximately 3/4" lateral movement of operating arm actuates switch
  • Spring loaded operating arm will automatically return switch to normal position when belt interference is removed
  • A severe conveyor belt run-off can rotate the operating arm counter-clockwise up to 85 degrees without damage to the switch mechanism
  • Installation of AFA or AFAX unit on either side of a conveyor belt allows approximately 1" or a  pre-determined allowable belt misalignment before switch is actuated; a typical installation would include a pair of AFA or AFAX units at each end of the conveyor belt where belt returns