NMG Series Non-metallic Motor Starters


NMG Non-metallic Motor Starters are used:

  • For magnetic across-the-line starting of motors and remote starting and stopping
  • For across-the-line starting of polyphase AC induction motors
  • To provide motor running protection, undervoltage protection, and remote starting and stopping
Starter Sizes 0; 1; 2; 3; 4
Max. HP Polyphase 2; 3; 5; 7 1/2; 10; 15; 25; 30; 50; 100
Voltages (AC) 120; 240; 480; 600
Enclosure Material Krydon® fiberglass-reinforced polyester
Exterior Parts Material Krydon® fiberglass-reinforced polyester
Available Options Hinged cover; pilot lights; LED pilot lights; pushbuttons; selector switches; control circuit transformers; auxiliary contacts


  • Enclosures are made of high-impact strength Krydon® fiberglass-reinforced polyester material which has excellent corrosion resistance and stability to heat
  • Unitized, strong and durable enclosure construction provides longer service life for equipment
  • Exterior parts of RESET button made of Krydon material