EMN Series IEC Pushbutton Style Explosionproof Motor Starters

EMN Series Pushbutton Style Compact Manual IEC Starters:

  • Used on drilling rigs for mud agitators and shakers where flammable or explosive gases are present
  • Used for fans and blowers, pumps, compressors and conveyors


Starter IEC Cutler-Hammer Type XTPB manual starter
Horsepower 1 to 20 HP
Voltages 2-pole, single phase AC up to 230 VAC; 3-pole, three phase AC up to 600 VAC
Enclosure Material Copper-free aluminum
Shaft, Bearing and Bolts Material Stainless steel
O-ring Gasket Material Buna-N (optional)


  • Optional gasket protects from mud and hose-directed water
  • Option for no top entries provides additional ingress protection
  • Lockout/tagout option allows for starter to be locked in "OFF" position
  • Redesigned buttons allow for ease of use with gloves
  • Enclosure designed to protect buttons from damage
  • Detachable mounting hardware
  • Mounting footprint with multiple options for field flexibility