EMN Series Explosionproof Motor Starters


EMN manual line starters are used:

  • For manual across-the-line starting of single and polyphase AC motors
  • To provide motor running protection and manual starting and stopping
  • In locations made hazardous due to the presence of flammable vapors, gases, or high combustible dusts
  • For installation in petroleum refineries, chemical and petrochemical plants, and other process industry facilities


Starter Sizes 0; 1; 1P
Poles (Phase) 2 (1PH); 3 (3PH); 3 (1PH)
Body, Cover, and Toggle Operator Material Copper-free aluminum
Operating Shaft Material Stainless steel
Internal Operating Bail Material Sheet steel or aluminum


  • Compact, rectangular enclosure makes optimum use of internal space
  • Operating handle may be padlocked in either "ON" or "OFF" position
  • Compact design allows installation in area where space is limited
  • Furnished with drilled and tapped conduit openings
  • Polyphase manual starters are furnished with third overload relay as standard

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