SS4X Series Industrial Combination Motor Starters

SS4X Industrial Combination Motor Starters are used in:

  • Damp, wet, dirty, dusty areas where ultimate corrosion and ingress protection is required
  • Harsh motor control environments, including: refineries, chemical and petrochemical plants, corrosive process facilities, food and beverage, marine and mining
  • Across-the-line starting, stopping, speed changing and reversing of polyphased AC induction motors
  • Type 4X
  • UL Listed
  • cUL Listed
  • ABS type approved
  • OSHPD certified (OSP-0015-10)
  • Certified Type 2 coordination
  • Eaton’s Freedom Series NEMA starters are UL certified to achieve IEC 947 Type 2 coordination against 100,000A short circuit fault currents