EPC Series Explosionproof Combination Motor Starters


EPC combination line starters and enclosures are used:

  • For across-the-line starting of polyphase AC induction motors
  • To provide disconnecting means, motor branch circuit protection, motor running protection, undervoltage protection and remote starting and stopping due to the combination of thermal-magnetic circuit breaker and magnetic motor starter




Starter Sizes 0, 1, and 3 inclusive
Frame Sizes Breakers - 100 and 150A; Motor circuit protectors - 100A
Internal Diameter 7"
Voltages 120; 240; 480; 600
Enclosure Hub Size 1 1/4"
Body, Cover, and Operating Handle Material Copper-free aluminum
Operating Shaft Material Stainless steel
Interior Parts Material Sheet steel


  • Quick-opening covers – less than two turns to remove or install
  • Three section design for ease of installation
  • Water-shedding construction with female threads on top cover, male threads on bottom cover, and top cover skirted
  • Specially located stops and locks ensure adequate thread engagement and prevent overtightening
  • Separate replaceable mounting bracket attached to the rear of the body provides three-point suspension for quick installation and leveling – one keyhole slot at top and two open slots at bottom
  • Bodies have two taper tapped conduit hubs with integral bushings on the top, and two more directly below
  • Universal mounting plate and reset mechanism will accommodate any of the motor starters and circuit breakers in catalog listing
  • When interior mounting plate is removed, feeder and branch circuit conductors are easily pulled into the wiring chamber; the interior assembly, with breaker and starter attached, is then replaced, final connections made, and covers assembled
  • External handle, which operates breaker can be padlocked in either "ON" or "OFF" positions
  • Breaker is trip-free of the handle, therefore it will open under short circuit or overload, even if the external handle is locked in the "ON" position
  • Furnished with third overload relay as standard