NCB Series Non-metallic Circuit Breakers


NCB Non-metallic Circuit Breakers are for use in conjunction with a variety of heating, lighting and power circuits to provide disconnect means and short circuit protection.


Frame Sizes 100; 150; 225; 250; 400A
Number of Poles 2 or 3
Amperages 15-100A
Enclosure Material Krydon® fiberglass-reinforced polyester
Terminal Block for Grounded or Ungrounded Neutral Optional


  • Enclosures are made of Krydon®, high impact strength fiberglass-reinforced polyester material having excellent corrosion resistance and stability to heat
  • Unitized, strong and durable enclosure construction provides longer service life for equipment
  • Enclosure has hinged access door which opens 160° for easy wiring and maintenance; three screws for door frame are hidden behind access door
  • Access door may be padlocked to prevent unauthorized access