UNF and UNY Series Stainless Steel Unions

UNY and UNF Series Unions are installed in threaded thick wall conduit systems:

  • UNY – to connect conduit to a conduit fitting, junction box or device enclosure
  • UNF – to connect conduit to conduit, or to provide a means for future modification of the conduit system
Hub Sizes 1/2" to 1"
Material 316 stainless steel


  • Compact design which permits assembly with a minimum of clearance to other adjacent conduit and/or equipment
  • Strong and durable construction

Stainless Steel Benefits:

  • Self-healing properties help reduce the penetration of rust/corrosion and eliminate damage to the fitting
  • Retain strength in extreme heat and extreme cold conditions
  • Surface is easy to maintain and keep clean
  • Easy cleaning capabilities make these fittings perfect for food processing and other hygienic areas where wash downs are common
  • Superior strength and durability greatly reduce replacement – this will lower your total cost of ownership and increase your
    return on investment
  • Do not require harsh environment-damaging cleaners to keep them looking like new