WLRS, WLRD and WLG Wet Location Covers for Device Boxes


Designed to meet all NEC requirements for wet locations.  WLRS, WLRD and WLGF Series Covers are suitable for use:

  • Wherever portable equipment is required
  • As general purpose utility receptacle covers
  • In areas where electrical requirements do not exceed medium duty ratings
  • To mount FS and FD single-gang or multi-gang boxes having individual cover openings
Cover Styles Single receptacle; duplex receptacle; GFCI
Mounting Direction Horizontal or vertical
Material Copper-free aluminum


  • Self-closing spring door assures protection of wiring device at all times, in wet and damp locations
  • One-piece EPDM gasket provides environmental protection of wiring device at all times
  • EPDM gasketing material offers excellent resistance to ozone, weather, and temperature extremes of -50°F to 260°F
  • Die cast, copper-free aluminum construction with aluminum lacquer finish provides maximum corrosion resistance
  • Positive ground path ensured for all exposed metal parts