Condulet® Form 7 Type U Conduit Outlet Bodies

The Type U Condulet® is a legacy Crouse-Hinds series fitting which has been redesigned to address current needs in industrial applications.  Its unique design features deliver enhanced pulling speed, greater internal capacity over a standard Condulet, and a 4-to-1 SKU reduction, simplifying inventory for distribution and contractors at the job site.

Shape U
Trade Sizes 1/2" to 2"
Materials Iron or aluminum


  • A smooth pulling surface, mimicking the sweeping bend of a factory 90 elbow, easing the burden of hand and mechanical wire pulling to deliver faster wire pulling
  • An angled cover opening to address system access for splicing and future maintenance in corners and access points where installation of a LL, LR, LB or factory 90 with a C fitting is not considered ideal
  • Greater internal capacity than a standard Condulet, providing a 40% wire fill rating and listing of the product as an enclosure

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