Condulet® Form 7 Conduit Outlet Bodies

One hundred years after the introduction of the Condulet®, Eaton remains the leader in conduit outlet bodies with its Crouse-Hinds series.  The line has grown to six families manufactured in a variety of materials, and bodies are offered in 11 different shapes to provide the most flexible offering on the market.  In addition, the introduction of integrally gasketed Condulet covers saves customers inventory and labor costs.

Shapes C; E; L; LB; LL; LR; T; TA; TB; U; X
Trade Sizes 1/2" to 4"
Materials Feraloy® iron or aluminum
Cover Styles Wedgenut or SNAPTIGHT™; with or without integral gasket
Gaskets Integral gasket on cover or solid neoprene


  • Form 7 Condulet outlet bodies approach conduit in size for neat, compact installations
  • Many shapes and sizes are available for rigid threaded conduit
  • Form 7 has exclusive SNAPTIGHT and wedge nut cover attachment to provide clear, unobstructed cover opening
  • Conduit hubs have tapered threads and feature integral bushings for protection of wire insulation
  • Wedge nut cover design facilitates installation and removal; nuts are held captive in cover; covers can be used with or without gaskets
  • SNAPTIGHT Form 7 covers with integral sealing gaskets are installed without the use of screws, reducing installation time and costs; covers are reusable