Chico® A and Chico® A-P Sealing Compounds

Chico® A and Chico® A-P Sealing Compounds are used to:

  • Form a seal around each electrical conductor and between them and inside of the sealing fitting to restrict the passage of gases, vapors or flames through the sealing fitting at atmospheric pressure and at normal ambient temperatures
Volume Chico® A: 23 Cu. In. or 115 Cu. In.; Chico® A-P: 25 Cu. In. or 55 Cu. In.
Cure Time 72 hours for Class I, Division 1, Groups A, B, C, D
Temperature Range -40ºF to 165ºF
Shelf Life 1 year


Chico® A Sealing Compound:

  • A water soluble powder that can be easily mixed and poured; the compound, unusually dense, expands slightly when hardening and bonds to inner walls of sealing fittings; compound hardens in 60-70 minutes
  • Chico® A cure time is 8 hours for Class I, Groups C and D applications, and 72 hours for Class I, Groups A and B applications
  • Chico® A has a 1 year shelf life from date of manufacture
  • Chico® A ambient temperature range (after curing) is -40°F to +165°F

Chico® A-P Intrapak®:

  • Packaged in two-compartment plastic pouch with precise amount of water for mixing; no mixing or measuring implements required
  • A hard squeeze of the water compartment forces the water into the compartment containing the Chico compound; mixing is completed by kneading the pouch for one minute
  • The mixed sealing compound is poured directly into the sealing fitting – no funnel required; the package label indicates the size and quantity of sealing fittings each pouch will properly fill; compound hardens in 60-70 minutes