CGD Series Non-armoured Gland

CGD cord and cable fittings are installed to:

  • Provide means for passing a cord, cable (unarmored) or flexible conduit into an enclosure, through a bulkhead or into a rigid conduit
  • Form an environmental seal for cord or unarmored round cables
  • Form a secure connection or termination for flexible cord, cable (unarmored), or flexible conduit
Protection Type General Purpose
Gland Type Non-armoured
Cable Type Non-armoured and tray cable
Gland Angle 45º Angle
Sizes 1/2" to 3/4"
Standard Material Feraloy® iron alloy (body); Steel (gland nut)


  • 45° angle with male thread
  • Standard body material is Feraloy® iron alloy
  • Standard gland nut material is steel
  • Weatherproof seal on outer sheath of cable
  • Standard neoprene seal suitable for use in operating temperatures -25° to 40°C
  • Available with NPT threads