Link-Seal® Environmental Seal for Conduit


Eaton's Crouse-Hinds series Link-Seal® is the quick, economical way to seal around conduit in concrete walls, floors and casings.  Link-Seal is a modular mechanical seal used for any type of penetration.

Conduit Sizes 1/2" to 6"
Conduit Types EMT; IMC; RSC
Temperature Range -40ºF to +250ºF (environmental seal); -67ºF to +400ºF (fire seal)
Fire Stop Rating 1 hour


  • Saves time and money – Link-Seal installs in up to 75% less time than competition products
  • Positive hydrostatic sealing – properly installed, Link-Seal is rated at 20 psig (40 feet of head), which exceeds the performance requirements of most applications
  • Environment seals – Link-Seal environmental seal is designed for long life and use as a permanent seal; seal elements are specially compounded to resist aging, ozone, sunlight, water and a wide range of chemicals
  • Fire seals – for fire protection in floor and wall penetrations, Link-Seal is Factory Mutual approved
  • Resistance to high and low temperatures – Link-Seal environmental seal is manufactured from special compounds that resist temperatures from -40°F to +250°F; Link-Seal fire seal is manufactured from a silicone material that resists temperatures from -67°F to +400°F
  • Corrosion protection – where installation against galvanic corrosion (or electrolysis) is required, Link-Seal provides complete separation pipe and casing; metal-to-metal contact is eliminated
  • Compensates for misalignment – Link-Seal allows for some angular and off center conduit conditions and still seals effectively
  • Absorbs shock, sound and vibration – this inherent benefit of Link-Seal helps reduce conduit failure due to fatigue and threaded connections