QBX Series Stainless Steel or Sheet Steel Enclosures


QBX Enclosures are available in two types of material and have been developed for the light industrial market. Stainless steel is recommended to give maximum protection for components in outdoor/aggressive environments.

These enclosures are specifically designed for the accommodation of rail mounted terminals or other electro/pneumatic components.

Enclosure Materials 304 stainless steel; 316L stainless steel; sheet steel
Enclosure Finish Flat electro-polished
Gasket Material Form-in-place polyurethane
Cover Mounting 2 or 3 hinges; 1 or 2 1/4 turn latches
Gland Plates 1 or 2 gland plates on bottom face
Grounding M6 studs in base and cover
Enclosure Mounting Holes through back of enclosure or using external mounting lugs


  • Fully removable hinged cover, concealed hinges provide 180° opening
  • Cover mounting, one or two 1/4 turn latches (slot shape)
  • 10 key lockable variations
  • Form-in-place polyurethane gasket
  • M6 ground stud in box and cover
  • Mounting through internal holes (types 3S and 4) or with external lugs (type 4X)
  • Pole mounting kit available