GHG74 Series Ex Explosion Protected Terminal Boxes


GHG74 Terminal Boxes are used in a metallic conduit or cable system for a marshalling cabinet between main circuits to the control room and branch circuits into the field.

  • For intrinsically safe or increased safety connections
  • Designed for industrial areas such as chemical plants, oil and gas refineries, paint and varnish manufacturing plants, gasoline bulk loading terminals and finishing areas
Terminal Block Suitability Suitable from 1 to 296 terminal blocks (2.5mm2)
Hub Suitability Suitable for up to 90 - 3/4" hubs (largest size); Suitable for up to 72 - 3/4" metallic hubs
Housing Material Fiberglass-reinforced polyester
Enclosure Gasket Material Silicone
Cover Screw Material Stainless steel
Metal Entry Plate Material Brass
Conduit Entry Material Zinc Myers hubs


  • Enclosures can be mounted on walls, conduits or strut systems
  • Connection terminals accessible from all sides
  • Snap-out brass plates for metallic entry and grounding continuity
  • Snap-out terminal rails
  • Clip-in grounding PE rail
  • Different sizes to accommodate any number of terminal connections