EMH Series Explosionproof Instrument Enclosures


EMH Instrument Housings are used:

  • To enclose 2 1/2" or 3 1/2" diameter round, flush rim-mounting meters, whose scale or dial would be visible in the 2 5/8" diameter glass window
  • In hazardous atmospheres such as encountered in oil refineries, chemical plants, paint and varnish manufacturing plants, coal processing locations, grain processing plants
Styles Surface or flush
Conduit Openings One in side (dead end), two in sides (through feed)
Hub Size 3/4"
Body Material Copper-free aluminum
Cover Material Copper-free aluminum
Window Material Heat strengthened plate glass
Standard Finish Natural


  • Sight-glass in cover permits viewing of instrument dial or setting
  • Enclosures are non-magnetic, available in surface mounting and flush panel mounting; the cylindrical extension of the cover opening on the flush bodies will project through a hole in panel; thickness of panel must not exceed 1/4" to ensure flametight assembly of cover threads with body threads
  • Mounting plates and posts in bodies support the instrument close to the heavy glass window in cover; maximum depth of instrument extending from outboard end of posts towards the back wall of enclosure body is 3"; there is ample wiring space in back of instruments
  • Bodies have bosses on all four sides and back for drilling and tapping of conduit entrances
  • Dead end and through feed arrangements for 3/4" rigid conduit are standard listings