EJB Series Explosionproof Enclosures

EJBs are used in hazardous areas:

  • As a junction or pull box
  • To provide enclosures for splices and branch circuit taps
  • For housing terminal blocks, relays and other electrical devices
  • In areas which are hazardous due to the presence of hydrogen or gases and vapors of equivalent hazard such as found in process industries, missile bases and gas manufacturing plants
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IF Number Description
IF 861 Revision 1 EJB602212 Junction Box
IF 903 Revision 3 EJB Cover Hinge Kit
IF 931 Revision 9
EJB, Style C Model M82 Series Junction Boxes
IF 1107 Revision 2
EJB Series Mounting Plate Kit
IF 1444 Revision 5
EJB, Style D Series Classified Enclosures
IF 1616 Revision 2 Flange Gasket Replacement Kit
IF 1676 Revision 2
EJB, ATEX/IEC EX Style C/D Model Junction Boxes