Enclosure Accessories - Corrosion Inhibitor Device

Corrosion Inhibitor Devices are utilized:

  • During use, storage, and shipment of products to provide long-term protection for:
    • Interiors of conduit outlet bodies and boxes, junction boxes, panelboards, and enclosures for motor control and circuit breakers, instrumentation, and switches
  • In onshore/offshore marine environments to protect against salt spray and excessive humidity condensation
Shelf Life 1 year (under normal conditions)


  • Provide widespread protection for ferrous and non-ferrous metals including steel, copper, aluminum, brass, solder, silver, etc.
  • Particularly well-suited for protection of electrical and electronic equipment because the vapors emitted do not change the characteristics of metals they are protecting – not chemically, electrically, or metallurgically
  • Extend life of product and minimize downtime from product failures caused by corrosive attack
  • Under normal usage, provide continuous protection of one cubic foot of enclosed space against corrosion for up to two years; actual operating life expectancy may vary depending on the corrosive atmosphere, temperature, or air movement
  • Quickly and easily installed without need for tools, or requiring special surface preparation, oiling, spraying, or dipping
  • Safe to use; vapors released are regarded as non-toxic under use conditions; and the polyurethane foam material is flame-retardant