Pauluhn™ HazFlood DFL/al Floodlights


For use in:

  • Onshore drilling and exploration
  • Pipeline compressor pipeline and storage
  • Façade security lighting
Wattages High Pressure Sodium (HPS) - 150W-400W; Metal Halide Probe and Pulse Start - 175W-400W
Hub Size 3/4" NPT
Housing Material Copper-free aluminum
Yoke Material Aluminum
Lens Material Tempered glass
Gasket Material Silicone
External Hardware Material Stainless steel
Available Accessories Pole Mount (SFA6); Wall Mount (SWB6); Lamp (L)


  • 150-400W HID
  • AEx nR, Ex nR restricted breathing rating is standard
  • Copper-free aluminum die cast with a Corro-free™ epoxy powder coat finish
  • NEMA 7x6 butterfly beam floodlight pattern
  • 40°C, 55°C, and 65°C ambient suitability
  • Low ambient capability to -40°C
  • Hinged door frame assembly
  • Yoke mount design
  • 3-axis resonance withstand and UL844 vibration compliant
  • Precision formed aluminum reflector
  • Slipfitter adapter for pole mounting and wall mounting bracket is available