GHG26 Series Explosion Protected Disconnect Switches

GHG26 Disconnect Switches are used to control motor, lighting and other circuits and:

  • Are used to prevent arcing internal to the enclosed switch from causing ignition of a specific hazardous atmosphere
  • Are designed for industrial areas such as chemical plants, oil and gas refineries, paint and varnish manufacturing plants, gasoline bulk loading terminals and finishing areas where sturdy, durable enclosures are required
Amperages 10; 20; 40; 80; 125; 180A
Voltage 600 VAC
Enclosure Material Impact-resistant thermoplastic (10A); fiberglass-reinforced polyester (20-180A)
Enclosure Gasket Material Silicone
Handle Material Impact-resistant thermoplastic
Cover Screw Material Stainless steel
Conduit Entry Material Zinc Myers™ Hubs


  • Explosion protected factory sealed motor circuit switches
  • Innovative break-line in cover allows full wiring access, making installation quick and easy
  • High impact enclosure is designed for excellent corrosion resistance and will not warp from hot or cold water
  • Tongue-in-groove seal guarantees IP66 rating and eliminates possibility of accidental opening or leakage
  • Lockable handle meets OSHA lockout/tagout requirements
  • Molded-in-place mounting feet provide a water channel between wall and enclosure
  • Large rotary handle provides easy gripping with gloved hands
  • Captive cover screws prevent water exposure and possible corrosion