PowerPlus™ EXD Series Explosionproof Power Panelboards

PowerPlus™ Panelboards provide premium factory sealed and value non-factory sealed solutions for the protection and distribution of lighting, power, and heat tracing circuits.

PowerPlus™ EXD Panelboards are used:

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IF Number Description
IF 1297 Revision 3 D2D/EXD Size F Power Panelboards
IF 1304 Revision 1 Breaker Actuator Kits for EXD and D2D Series Power Panelboards
IF 1380 Revision 1 EXDU and D2DU Series Power Panelboards
IF 1574 Revision 5 EXD and D2D Series Lighting Panelboards - Sizes B, C, D
IF 1616 Revision 2 Flange Gasket Replacement Kit