PowerPlus™ D2L Series Lighting and Heat Tracing Panelboards

PowerPlus™ Panelboards provide premium factory sealed and value non-factory sealed solutions for the protection and distribution of lighting, power, and heat tracing circuits.

PowerPlus™ D2L Panelboards are used:


Panel Sizes B; C; D; X
Enclosure Interrupt Rating 10 kAIC - Group B; 65 kAIC - Groups C, D
Circuit Breaker Enclosure Body and Cover Material Copper-free aluminum
Terminal Housing Material 316L stainless steel or copper-free aluminum
Gasket Material Neoprene (cast aluminum enclosure); foam-in-place (stainless steel enclosure)
Circuit Breaker Operator Material Non-metallic
Chassis Material Silver-plated copper
Silver-plated copper Delrin® non-metallic material


  • Corrosion-resistant Type 4X breather and drain
  • High quality silver-plated copper bus system
  • OSHA compliant lockout/tagout capability
  • Spring-loaded, quick-release, captive stainless steel cover bolts
  • Optional hinged stainless steel ice/dust shield
  • Integrated steel lifting eye mounted on top side of each panel
  • Manufactured with an external flange design to allow for a wide unobstructed cover opening
  • Superior self-aligning breaker operators designed for both field and factory installation
  • Factory sealed and fully wired for maximum available circuits
  • All terminal blocks come fully wired with each contact numbered for easy connecting of branch entries
  • Heavy gauge 316L stainless steel terminal housings supplied with three removable gland plates
  • High-integrity gasket provides a watertight seal
  • Available with GFI and/or EPD breakers