Exactra™ LP1 and LP2 Series Explosionproof Lighting and Heat Tracing Panelboards

Exactra™ Panelboards are ideal:

  • For branch power distribution and circuit protection for motors, valves, pumps, lighting, heat tracing, receptacles, etc.
  • To accommodate up to 35 amp branch loads
  • For indoor and outdoor applications in petroleum refineries, chemical and petrochemical plants and other process industry facilities where similar hazards exist
Body and Cover Material Cast copper-free aluminum
Gasket Material Neoprene
Operating Handle Material Extruded aluminum (copper-free)
Operating Shaft, Cover Bolt, Washer, GFI/EPD Plunger and Hinge Material Stainless steel
Lifting Bracket Material Cold rolled steel
Bus Bar Material Copper


  • Factory sealed, no external seals required for branch circuits; external seals are required for Class I, Div. 1 applications
  • Fully wired for circuit breaker housing to pre-numbered terminals in wiring compartment
  • External flange design allows wide unobstructed cover opening for easy wiring access
  • External circuit breaker handles can be padlocked "ON" or "OFF"
  • Furnished with two 3" and ten 1 1/2" conduit openings
  • Breather and drains available for each enclosure
  • Available with or without main circuit breaker up to 100 amps
  • Isolated neutral and ground bar provided
  • Available with up to 6 GFI and/or EPD branch breakers per panel; GFI and EPD branch breakers available within the same panel
  • Available with ambient compensated breakers throughout panelboard
  • Stainless steel hinges allow the cover to swing wide open or be removed
  • Stainless steel hex head bolts captive design prevents lost bolts
  • Cast copper-free (less than 0.4%) aluminum construction for excellent corrosion resistance
  • Neoprene cover gasket meets NEMA 4 / CSA Enc. 4 / IP65 requirements, provides watertight seal for superior water and corrosion protection
  • Copper bus bar system