Product Updates

New Products and Product Enhancements


Quick-Lok™ Pro Duplex Connectors in Steel

  • Now available in steel - ideal for applications where the preference or requirement is for fittings made of steel


567BXD Duplex AC/MC Strap

  • Duplex strap supports and secures two individual AC, MC or FMC cables by installing with a single screw
  • Duplex strap takes up less space, simplifies installation and offers a more neat and professional looking installation

LED Weatherproof Luminaires

  • Long, dependable life lasting up to 12 years
  • Adjustable mounting arm for directional lighting ability
  • Durable die cast housing for long life
  • Fits 1/2” openings of covers in 4” round and rectangular weatherproof boxes

MC-PCS Approved Fittings

“MC-PCS” is a MC cable type that was introduced into the market in 2015. This new cable was designed to reduce the number of cables required in LED and fluorescent lighting systems.


Metal Stud Grommets

  • Nylon grommet protects wire insulation from sharp edges of metal studs
  • Makes pulling smooth and easy by preventing hang-ups of cable on stud KOs
  • Triple-lock design provides 360° protection

Extra Duty While-in-Use Covers

  • A recent NEC® & CEC® code change now requires outdoor covers to meet new, stringent extra duty requirements. Our covers meet these requirements with a robust design and stainless steel reinforced hinges to promote durability against impact and protection from the elements.
  • They are equipped with multiple inserts to accommodate a variety of devices for outdoor applications.
  • One cover can be used for several different devices reducing the number of covers they need to carry.


Push-in EMT Fittings

  • Unlike traditional compression or set screw EMT raintight fittings, Push-in EMT Connectors and Couplings in ½ & ¾” trade sizes utilizes an innovative technology that allows these fittings to be installed onto the conduit without the use of any tools, simplifying and reduces installation time!
  • These fittings simply push onto the conduit forming a secure connection that exceeds all UL test requirements.
  • This new product has an integral gasket installed in order to meet the stringent raintight requirement and allows it to be installed in both dry and wet locations.

Painted EMT Fittings

  • Available in seven colors to be matched up and used with the highest volume colored conduit in the industry
  • Used in architectural design to better match the look and feel to suit architectural specifications and preferences



Self-Tapping & Grounding Screw Jars

  • Self-Tapping and Grounding Screw Jars are available in non-breakable, recyclable plastic jars. Labeled for easy identification and includes a barcode for easy scanning at the counter.

Quick-Lok™ Pro Connectors in Steel

  • Now available in steel - ideal for applications where the preference or requirement is for fittings made of steel


VXF Stainless Steel Junction Box

  • The VXF 316 stainless steel junction box is designed to provide long, dependable service in the most demanding environmental conditions. With four drilled and tapped conduit entries and pendant fixture cover or flat blank cover, the box provides versatility for mounting luminaires or terminating or splicing electrical circuits.

Series 5 Certification and Product Update

  • Series 5 rigid-only bodies have NPT threads and improved wet location certification
  • 5 combination configurations – changed screws from dual head to tri-head (slotted, Phillps, Robertson

Zinc Die Cast EMT Set Screw Connectors and Couplings Certification

  • Dual listed for use with EMT and Rigid/IMC

Weatherproof Lampholders Expanded Certification

  • Expanded third party certification to include use with CFL and LED


Aluminum Couplings, Nipples and Elbows

Aluminum fittings provide a corrosion-resistant and lightweight UL Listed solution to meet every application.  Aluminum is naturally resistant against corrosion and industrial environments.  This introduction is a great addition to our already growing aluminum offering that includes aluminum Myers™ Hubs, aluminum liquidtight fittings and aluminum cord grips.

  • For rigid and IMC conduit

cch_cp_steeloutlet_3_1_2 deep_tp413red_110.jpg

3-1/2” Deep 4” Square Outlet Boxes

  • The ideal solution for customers who require a single box that provides more space to accommodate larger electrical devices

Typical applications include:

  • Audio communication - such as speaker boxes
  • Fire alarm circuits – such as fire alarms, strobes and audible sirens
  • Security – such as cameras and perimeter lighting
  • Telecommunications – such as coaxial, data and fiber optic cables


Zinc Die Cast Insulated Screw-in Connectors

  • Now available in 3/8” to 2” sizes!

ACB Saddle Connectors - Expanded and Improved!

  • Zinc Die Cast ACB Series AC/MC/FMC/NMC connectors are now available in 3/8" to 1" trade sizes!
  • Securely terminate armoured cable, metal-clad cable, flexible metallic conduit and non-metallic sheathed cable to a dry location box or enclosure

Bush-Lok™ Bushing/Locknut Combination Fitting

  • A labor saving, innovative addition to our commercial fittings family of products
  • Designed for use with rigid/IMC conduit or threaded fittings, this patented new fitting saves labor, consolidates SKUs, reduces material handling, and adds installation flexibility when terminating conduit, nipples or fittings to an enclosure

Combination Pulling Elbows

  • Designed to meet applications that require the connection of EMT and/or rigid conduit to form a 90 degree bend in the wiring system
  • The introduction of this product family expands our current offering of pulling elbows and delivers product simplicity and inventory savings!
  • Contractors can now order one product that they can use with either rigid/IMC or EMT conduit; distributors can simplify and reduce the number of items and cost associated with carrying separate catalog numbers

Steel Outlet Box Additions and Improvements

  • Addition of 4-11/16” extension rings to complement our broad line of boxes and covers
  • KO configuration improvement on TP451, TP451RED and TP437 boxes

Myers™ Hubs Expansion

Product enhancements include:

  • Expanded trade sizes to include 2½” - 4” in zinc and stainless steel – the broadest offering of trade sizes available!
  • Expanded operating temperature of -15°C to +120°C – the highest ambient operating temperature available!
  • Updated certifications to current applicable standards

Quick-Lok™ Pro Connectors for AC/MC Fittings

  • Provides significant labor savings when installing metal-clad or armoured cable to a steel box or enclosure
  • No tools are needed for installation – simply insert cable or conduit into the connector and install into 1/2" knockout
  • Internal spring steel locking ring tabs securely clamp the cable in place and assure bonding
  • Can be easily removed without tools and can be reused

ACB Series Connectors

  • Expansion of the third party certification for the ACB family of fittings to include MC cable in trade sizes 1-1/4” to 3” (the ACB Series is already third party certified for use with FMC in 3/8” to 4”, AC/MC and MCAP in 3/8” thru 1-1/4”)
  • This expansion provides contractors the most cost-effective solution for terminating large MC cable in dry location applications


PRE-formance™ Assemblies

  • Assemblies feature unique products that deliver real value and exponential labor savings
  • Products like the open back box, improved Uni-Mount™, Eaton's Wiring Devices and a wide selection of mounting brackets to suit virtually any customer application