Merchandising and Display Packaging

Point-of-purchase product merchandising and display packaging

The distributor counter area is a great location to promote the strength of the Crouse-Hinds brand and bring visibility to our display products. The products below have attractive and convenient packaging meant to be displayed at the counter or end cap. Click on the brochure to the left to see our full range of products.



4” square raised surface (RS) covers

  • Our most popular raised surface covers for 4” square boxes individually bagged with UPC and punch hole for easy display and fast checkout at the distributor counter
  • Eaton branded packaging promotes brand recognition and better visibility

Low profile drilling and tapping screws

  • Thin low profile Phillips head, #8 x ½”
  • Suitable for screw gun use
  • Available in convenient jars of 1,000 screws, ideal for contractors or distributor counters

TP 711 pigtails

  • Grounding screw with 8” insulated No. 12 AWG solid copper wire
  • Secures ground wires to electrical box
  • Resealable bar-coded bag contains 100 pigtails and a punched hole for easy display

Extra duty while-in-use covers

  • Seals out moisture and sheds water, ice and snow
  • Meets NEC and CEC code requirements for extra duty covers
  • Individual covers are shrinkwrapped and bar-coded

Point-of-purchase display

  • Product merchandising display is clean, eye-catching and Eaton branded with two sturdy and durable shelves for increased display quantity and easy arrangement of multiple product families
  • Use with one or two trays depending upon product selection
  • Available at no cost through Crouse-Hinds literature fulfillment system (literature order number 5221-0415)

Green grounding screws

  • Green, low profile combination Phillips and square head for one tool assembly, #10-32 x 3/8”
  • Available in convenient jars of 1,000 screws, ideal for contractors or distributor counters

Quick-Lok Pro steel connectors in tear away boxes

  • Available in convenient tear away boxes ideal for contractors or distributor counters
  • Each box contains 50 connectors

Ceiling fan boxes

  • Eaton branded cap label with UPC for better visibility on distributor shelves and faster checkout 
  • Cover guard serves as product identification and protection during the sheet rock process
  • Supports up to 70 lbs. for fans and 90 lbs. for fixtures

Metal stud grommets

  • Nylon grommet protects wire insulation and makes pulling smooth and easy
  • Fits hole diameters between 1-3/8” and 11-11/16” (34.9 - 42.9 mm)
  • Each bag contains 100 grommets