Weatherproof While-in-use Covers

  • A rugged versatile design that protects against various elements such as rain, snow and ice
  • Offer 98 different configurations
  • Single gang covers have a patented design with moveable hinges that reposition easily for vertical or horizontal mounting, with no tools required
  • Ideal for vending machines, holiday lighting, portable signs, outdoor lighting, etc.
Sizes Single gang or two gang
Material Polycarbonate
Gasket Material Neoprene
Depths 3.25" or 4.75"
Colors Gray or white
Mounting Horizontal or vertical


  • Rugged UV-resistant polycarbonate cover and back protects device inside from rain, sleet and snow without cracking or breaking and is non-corrosive and non-conductive
  • Covers have a versatile product design with movable hinges that reposition for vertical/horizontal mounting, which reduces the number of SKUs
  • Each cover includes a pre-mounted neoprene gasket on the back, ensuring the gasket cannot fall off or be improperly positioned during installation - assuring a weatherproof installation every time
  • Available in one gang, self-closing cover, standard (3.25") and deep (4.75") depths
  • Available in two gang, self-closing cover, standard (3.25") depth
  • Meets and exceeds outdoor lighting requirements
  • Lockable cover (with customer added locking device) adds security
  • Available in both gray and white to meet customer preference
  • Compatible with FS and FD boxes