High Amperage Solar Combiner Boxes

High Amperage Combiner Boxes are engineered, tested and third party certified for use in PV systems designed with T-junction cable harnesses to reduce installation labor, material costs and system maintenance.

Enclosure Type Fiberglass N4X; painted steel N3R; stainless steel N4X; powder coated steel N4
Number of Input Circuits 4 to 24
Fuse Amperages 25A; 30A
Integral Disconnect Amperages 100A; 250A; 325A; 400A; 600A


  • Isc rating 19.2A at 50°C
  • Rated for 600 VDC or 1000 VDC - continuous duty
  • Integral disconnects available in 100A, 250A, 325A, 400A and 600A
  • Touch-safe spring pressure (screwless) fuse holders
  • Reduce wire installation time by up to 75%
  • Greatly reduce potential loosening from vibration
  • Resist temperature cycling and corrosion
  • Lexan shield covers all live components
  • 90ºC output terminals
  • Configured for positive and negative grounded arrays*
  • Heat dissipation bus bar design
  • Spacers installed between fuse holders for improved heat dissipation

*Negative fused configurations available for positive grounded arrays.