SUNNECTOR Whip & Jumper Assemblies


SUNNECTOR pre-fabricated jumpers and whips save time and money by providing various configurations that allow quick connections for a wide variety of solar applications.  Both whips and jumpers are manufactured under controlled conditions utilizing the highest quality materials.  They are designed to work with rigid and flexible thin film, monocrystalline, and multicrystalline PV modules.

Whips are ideal for OEM applications including combiner boxes, mini inverters, modules, and adapters.  They are also ideal for solar powered safety, hazard, or signaling device assemblies.  In residential and commercial rooftop installations, the use of jumpers reduces the amount of on-site assembly and testing.

Jumpers are also ideal for off-grid self-contained solar power systems frequently found in rural or highly inaccessible locations.

All whips and jumpers are 100% continuity tested to ensure dependable service.  Both are available in many standard lengths.

Connector Types MC3; MC4; Solar-Lok; panel versions
Current Capacity 35A (#10 AWG wire); 25A (#12 AWG wire); 20A (#14 AWG wire)
Voltages 600V; 1000V; 2000V DC


  • Compatible with rigid and flexible thin film, monocrystalline, and multicrystalline PV modules
  • IP67 or IP68 waterproof rated, depending on connector type
  • UV- and ozone-resistant
  • Fully tested for continuity and hi-pot for dependable field performance
  • Pre-built assemblies are designed specifically for grid-tied, off-grid and OEM applications
  • Delivered pre-assembled, facilitating quicker installation
  • Optional ID labeling available to communicate point-to-point connections in the field
  • Choose from a variety of standard wire types including USE-2, RHW-2, PV 1KV/2KV, double insulated, or halogen-free
  • Ends provided with your choice of hardware, including ring terminals, fork terminals, fast-ons or as wire only, blunt cut, or partially stripped