Liquidator™ Liquidtight FMC Fittings

  • Typical applications for liquidtight conduit and liquidtight fittings include the wiring of machine tools, motors, transformers, food processing equipment, robotics, air conditioning units, illuminated store front signs and billboards, etc.
  • The flexible metallic conduit and fittings protect conductors from mechanical damage due to vibration and movement, and seal out cutting oils, coolants, etc.
Trade Sizes 3/8" to 6" (Malleable Iron); 3/8" to 4" (Aluminum)
Configurations Straight, 45°, 90° (Malleable Iron); Straight, 90° (Aluminum)
Materials Malleable iron or aluminum
Gland Nut Materials Malleable iron or aluminum
Ferrule Material Steel
Gland Nut Sealing Ring Material Polyethylene
Sealing Gasket Material Thermoplastic elastomer
Locknut Materials Steel or aluminum


  • Provides protection in wet locations
  • Available in various configurations in various trade sizes and materials
  • Hex surface on gland nut and body
  • Thermoplastic elastomer sealing gasket effectively seals out water, oil, dust and dirt
  • Locknut bites into box
  • Cupped long grounding ferrule is distortion-free
  • Concrete tight