Product Updates


Pro Power Essential Constant Current Regulators

  • Engineered to provide maintenance-free performance, while delivering long life and stable power output
  • Ferroresonant core, near perfect power factor (0.99)
  • Space saving design and easy maintenance
  • Full control and monitoring functionality

PRO APF Series

PRO APF from Eaton's Crouse-Hinds series Officially Receives ETL Certification and FAA Listing

Airfield lighting sector leader’s latest LED line delivers up to an additional fifty-two percent energy savings when compared to other LED products

Windsor, CT -- Eaton announces the biggest step in power efficiency for airfield lighting in-pavement applications with the energy-efficient PRO APF inset LED fixtures.  Now available for runway centerlines, touchdown zone lights and taxiway centerlines in eight and twelve inch diameters, PRO APF series fixtures are the ideal replacement for outdated halogen and incandescent fixtures.

The PRO APF series recently received ETL certification for its taxiway centerline (FAA L-852A – 852K (L), runway centerline (FAA L-850A (L)), touchdown zone (FAA L-850B (L)) applications and just now including the inset runway guard light (FAA L-852G (L)), meaning the products have cleared testing requirements are officially listed by the FAA in AC 150/5345-53D.

Providing significant improvements over existing LED inset fixtures, select versions of the new PRO APF Series LED insets provide up to 52% additional energy savings when compared to other LED product and a near perfect power factor in airfields powered by 6.6A constant current series regulators.  For example, the power consumption of the PRO APF Series bidirectional wide beam taxiway centerline light for Category III airfields is only 13VA, as compared to the 27VA of competitive LED products and 64W for halogen alternatives.  “Eaton is committed to helping airfields lower their airfield lighting energy costs and maintenance expenses,” said Vini Petroni, Commercial Manager. “The versatility and commonality of parts lets airports reduce inventory of spare parts while standardizing maintenance and repair procedures, and the increased performance of the new PRO APF inset LED series can reduce capital costs in electrical infrastructure. All this helps airport operators to free up money for other expenses needed to keep airports running safely and efficiently.”