ALSF Flasher System


Precision approach to runway in visibility conditions where the runway visual range (RVR) is less than one half mile requiring steady burning approach lights with sequence flashing lights.

The system consists of a master controller for monitoring and individual flashing lights that can be incorporated with steady burning lights to create various types of approach light systems such as the classic 21-position ALSF-1 or ALSF-2.

Flash head and power converter may be mounted as one unit or individually to meet local terrain needs.  Inset (surface mount) flashers are also available.

Other parts of the system, such as steady burning lights, towers, light bases, transformers and regulators, must be ordered separately.

Compliances FAA AC 150/5345-51 SSALR (Type I) ICAO Annex 14 Transport Canada K312
Fixture Type FTS8
Input Power 1 = voltage operated with internal controller; 3 = current (series) operated
Flashing Lights Insert number of flashers needed (30 maximum)
Input Power 120 = 120V 60 Hz; 240 = 240V 60 Hz; 230 = 230V 50 Hz


  • ETL tested and verified
  • Real-time dynamic fault detection and isolation
  • Elapsed time metering (user-settable alarms)
  • Standard input voltages 60 Hz 120V, 240V, 50 Hz 230V
  • Micro-processor control
  • Transient protection
  • Monitoring and dimming capability
  • Local and remote control operation
  • High intensity default and failure detection, and caution indication