SIB-8 Shallow Inset Light Base - 8" Aluminum - ICAO


The SIB is a load-bearing light base designed in compliance with requirements of FAA Advisory Circular AC 150/5345-42 and IEC TS 61827 for direct mounting of 203mm (8") inset light fixtures.

Compliances ICAO
Fixture Type 21378 21388 21390 2143
Connection Types 1 = one feed-through (2 conductors) entry at location "A" in base side; 2 = two feed-through (4 conductors) entries at location "A" & "B" in base side; 3 = bottom entry through 3.94 dia. (100mm) in casting center; 4 = bottom entry through 4.57 dia. (116mm) in casting center, no internal
Options GE = ground, external


  • Anodized cast aluminum construction
  • Vertical casting recesses prevent rotation in pavement when set into epoxy
  • Secondary plug(s) inside the base for ease of maintenance and light fixture removal
  • Mechanical feed-through with watertight seal