On Road (Concrete)

OMNEX Trusted Wireless™ remote control products solve safety and productivity issues on job sites.

  • Concrete Boom Trucks
  • Stationary Line Pumps
  • Concrete Mixers
  • And More

Trusted Wireless products are suitable for concrete applications because:

  • OMNEX products offer excellent range, especially when working with longer booms.
  • Durability to withstand harsh exposure to concrete, sand, sludge, and other elements.
  • Best-in-class Trusted WirelessTM radio performance, with the most range and the least interference – ensures maximum up–time in less than ideal environments.


OnRoad Concrete


A busy concrete pumping contractor in Gardena, California owned and operated 100 pump trucks, which he often had in action at the same time in dense urban environments. Each truck was equipped with both wired and fixed frequency wireless control solutions. But neither system proved effective for the pump truck operators. The fixed frequency radio signals thatOMNEX Trusted Wireless™ Remote Control Increased Productivity for Concrete Pump Operators wirelessly controlled the pumps would drop off as radio traffic congestion increased in big cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco. And, the alternate cable remote controls posed a safety risk -- booms coming in contact with power lines could result in electrocutions, and cables could get caught up in other equipment resulting in damage to the control device. In fact, there had even been instances when other moving equipment on a rooftop had become tangled in the control cables and pulled an operator right off of a building. The operators were frustrated with the less than adequate options and the contractor needed a better solution to increase productivity and keep his workers safe.

OMNEX Trusted Wireless™ Solution

The contractor chose OMNEX Trusted Wireless™ T45 Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) radios to control the concrete pumps wirelessly from anywhere -- in or out of the truck -- within a few hundred feet of the vehicle. The radios performed flawlessly where other control systems had failed. Radio interference was no longer a concern as signals hopped from available frequency to available frequency every 20 milliseconds, ensuring a strong, continuous signal. The portable nature of the T45 device and its ergonomic design made it easy and risk-free to use; the pump truck operators were able to control their machines from a safe distance, pour efficiently and with confidence.


OMNEX Trusted Wireless™ Remote Control Solutions are the ideal choice for industrial environments where productivity and safety are paramount. Frequency hopping remote control solutions, such as the T45, overcome the issue of ‘stops and starts’ due to fixed frequency controller failings and save precious time and money spent fussing with wires. Environments become safer, machines more dependable, injuries decrease, and workers feel secure.


Since the early 1990’s, concrete boom pump manufacturers began searching for a solution which eliminated the risk of operator electrocution should a boom come in contact with live power-lines.  One such supplier approached OMNEX with a request to develop a radio control system to fully operate a concrete boom pump, with the intention of physically separating operators from booms.  At the time, wireless control was a leap ahead, and many individuals had reliability concerns surrounding wireless technology.  OMNEX’s strategy to counter this perception was to overbuild the product – including military-grade switches, industrially hardened plastics, and never-fail, FHSS radios.  The result is that today, wireless control is considered an essential component in the reliable and safe operation of concrete boom pumps across North America.