ELPRO Accessory Data Sheets


Demonstration Kits

105U-905U-1 Demo Set

Battery Packs

BU-5-2 Battery Pack

Surge Diverters

CSD-SMA-2500 Surge Diverter

CSD-N-6000 Surge Diverter

IOP32D Surge Diverter

MA15 Power-Surge Diverter

Power Supplies


PSG60E Single Phase Power Supply

PS-WW-XP 24DC Power Supply

PS-1000-28-M1 Solar Power Supply and Monitor (1000V)

PS-600-24-M1 Solar Power Supply and Monitor (600V)

Mounting Brackets

BR-COL-KIT Mounting Bracket

BR-YAG-KIT Mounting Bracket

BR-615-PLATE Mounting Kit


CCTAIL-SMA Coaxial Cable Tail

CCTAIL-BNC Coaxial Cable Tail

CC3-N/SMA Coaxial Cable

CC10-N/SMA/BNC Coaxial Cable

CC20-N/SMA/BNC Coaxial Cable

ETH-C5A Ethernet Cable

ETH-C5X Ethernet Cable

PL1-K Plug and Lead

SER-DB9NULL - Serial Null Modem Cable

SER-DB9 Serial RS232 Cable

SER-RJ45 Configuration Cable

Thermocouple Adaptor

915U-TCADP Thermocouple Adapter

Antennas - Yagi

YU3-400 Yagi Antenna

YU6-400 Yagi Antenna

YU6-900 Yagi Antenna

YU9-400 Yagi Antenna

YU16-400 Yagi Antenna

YU16-900 Yagi Antenna

Y2400-18EL Yagi Antenna

Antennas - Cellular



Antennas - Collinear

BU3-150 Collinear Antenna

BU3-400 Collinear Antenna

BU6-400 Collinear Antenna

COL5810 Collinear Antenna

COL5806 Collinear Antenna

SG900-6 Collinear Antenna

SG900EL Collinear Antenna

SG2400-EL Collinear Antenna

Z2400-EL Collinear Antenna

Antennas - Dipole

CFD890EL Dipole Antenna

MD2400-EL Dipole Antenna

UDP400 Dipole Antenna

UDP150 Dipole Antenna

UDP200 Dipole Antenna

Antennas - Whip

WH150 Whip Antenna

WH400-BNC Whip Antenna

WH900-SMA Whip Antenna

WH2400-SMA Whip Antenna

WHGSM Whip Antenna

Antennas - Dipole/Whip

DG800 Dipole Whip Antenna

DG900 Dipole Whip Antenna

Ethernet SFP Modules

SFP-100FX Mini GBIC Transceiver

SFP-100LX Mini GBIC Transceiver

SFP-1000LX Mini GBIC Transceiver