Why Go Wireless?

The biggest advantages of wireless are cost, convenience and safety.



Wireless communication systems can be installed in industrial applications at a fraction of the cost of laying cable.  Cabled solutions can cost hundreds or even thousands per installed foot. To install (or repair) a wired system, the expense and effort of laying cable or conduit, buying permits, hiring labor, renting machines, trenching, backfilling and more can add up.  Wireless systems are easy to install and configure, saving you up to 90% in project costs and drastically reducing project completion time.

Safety First

Wireless remote controls allow a machine operator to control and run a machine in hazardous zones from a safe, advantageous location. This also allows an operator to more readily predict potential dangers, such as proximity to power lines, and quickly adjust operations to suit.

Performs in tough, unpredictable environments.

For industrial process industries like mining, refining and general processing that need to monitor or control stand-alone instruments and devices that are not easily accessible due to distance or other obstacles, wireless is a solution.

Wireless solutions are also a convenient choice for unpredictable industrial environments.  Systems can be tested in advance, prior to purchase and installation, to ensure suitability to a chosen application. That means you can be sure you get a solution that meets your particular needs.  In applications where devices may be mobile or may be moved, wireless systems are also ideal, and maintenance and repair is painless.

Bussmann's wireless products deliver solutions with significantly lower installation costs that improve reliability and increase performance.

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